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    This issue happens with a Windows 2008 Server R2 that runs as a guest on a XenServer. It was working all the time fine until we did some registry hacks to give it a second NetBIOS name. We required to do so in order to maintain the UNC shortcuts (so they will function) within user profiles while we did migration of servers. The process went smoothly, everything was seamless.

    However, the issue is that every once in a while (say 1-2 reboots out of 6~) this virtual guest Windows 2008 Server refuses to boot up properly, even after a successful shutdown/reboot. It boots up into the Recovery Mode and needs “human maintenance” to F8/Use last known good configuration” and so forth. This is the problem. Missing that opportunity causes you to remotely power cycle and reboot this virtual machine over and over again until it boots up properly.

    What can be causing this? We could try to roll back those registry hacks but then we’d need somehow (a tool or a script) that goes through user profiles with Search & Replace and changes shortcuts replacing the old server name with the new one (that’s why we did the alternate NetBios name hack). But what if this does not fixes our issue?

    How can be identified what’s causing _randomly_ those not proper boot ups? ;-)


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