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    I’m setting up a simple Dfs within a single site, i need to make available a file share if the primary server goes down.

    The current dfs configuration is:

    Server1: Win2008R2 – primary file server
    Server2: Win2003R2 – backup file server

    I’ve made a single namespace \domain.localName1, addede a single folder with two destination target ( so i can use the replication feature )

    \domain.localName1SharedFolder ( \server1SharedFolder and \server2SharedFolder )

    On my test-lab, the replication goes fine (in my real enviroment, i need to relpicate aroung 150 GB of data)

    Since the two server are in the same site i’ve configured the primary file server as “first among all the targets” and the backup as “last among all the targets”.
    ( )

    The cache period is 300 secs for both the namespace and shared folder.
    Client Failback option is enabled.

    When the primary server is online, no problem…everything is working fine, if i take the primary server down…after some time, the failover server became active and serves the file.

    When the backup server becomes active, i’ve noticed some random slowness in browsing the dfs shared folder ( both on xp and 7 clients ), it seems that at regular time he tries to find the active server and freezes the operation on the backup share.

    Ad Example, if i try to make a dir of my mapped share the first times it goes perfectly, listing my shared content…after some minutes if i re-dir it….it stays stopped for a 1520 seconds and the i get the listing.

    I’ve checked the dnsdcevents and everything is fine.

    I dont know why this happens.

    Thanks in advance


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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