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    We have a server on one campus that tends to have a problem with SpoolSv.exe. This problem appeared only after installing a new printer to be shared over the network. (HP LJ P3005dn). Upon installing the printer (with HP Universal Printing PCL6 driver) and having the clients connect to it, we slowly started to notice that SpoolSv.exe would form a memory leak (which eventually turns into a print job black hole). I tried to upgrade the driver to a newer version, but that caused all the clients (WinXP) to be unable to print because it affected SpoolSv on their machines.

    I cleaned out the drivers from the clients and the server by going to the Print Manager (or Printers Control Panel, whatever you prefer to call it) and selecting File | Server Properties to manually remove the drivers. This time I re-installed the printer on the server with the HP Universal Printing driver (PCL5e). This functions, but we still have a memory leak and the clients can’t print 1200dpi (as if it matters) using PCL5e. The main problem that this memory leak causes is that the spooler will eventually take in a job and it never makes it to the printer. It just vanishes into thin air. (Not to mention that a spooler idling at 300 MB of RAM consumption is not normal.)

    The printer is connected directly to our network and shared from the server. This is how five other printers / copiers are shared in the agency, but this is the only location with this particular problem.

    I get Event ID 6161 in the Event Log, which indicates Print Processor Error 119. That’s a tough one to find any info on. Any ideas?

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