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WIN XP PRo – BIOS keeps loosing its memory =>NTLDR is missing

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    Hello Guys,
    I know the title is too common but please be patient and read on…:-? and I hope this is the appropriate forum?!?!
    A couple of months ago I had a fault with Office Outlook 2003 and posted a question in the Outlook 2003 section (see the link: I got some really good answers and had the problem solved!:grin: :)
    Thing is – I keep getting the same thing again and again, so I keep fixing it:-? – Had to do it 4 times since!:confused:
    I started suspecting a Virus or something similiar, but could not find any thing:confused: .
    One thing lead to another – now my Bios keeps loosing itself and does not detect my Primary Master Drive:confused:
    I thought there was something wrong mechanically with my machine, too much dust, fans not working, P/S failure – but no – all the fans are working, P/S is OK (also electrically), had the whole machine cleaned from dust..air pressure…. I had the bios re-flashed with the latest version, and NADA:confused:

    My OS is WIN XP Pro SP2, continuousely updated.

    I have 5 or 6 different protection softwares constantly updated and daily monitoring my system:
    Norton System Works & Norton Internet Security 2006,
    MS Deffender,
    Spy Bot ,
    System Mechanic Pro 5,
    AdAware SE Pro,
    and they did not detect a thing?!?!?!

    My M/B is an ASUS P4S8X-X and my Bios version is P4S8X-X Beta BIOS 1005.001
    I have a PCI SATA controller installed – SiL 3112A SATARaid BIOS Version 4.2.47- and a Sil 0680 ATA/133 Medley RAID Controller BIOS Version 3.2.04.
    I have 2 ATA 133 HDD’s (160 & 120 Gb) and 1 SATA HDD (250 Gb) – The SATA is the Primary Master. Trying to find faults or conflicts with those controllers utilites (applying F4 & F3 respectively) – I get no errors!:confused:
    My CPU is an INTEL P4 1.8 Ghz, and I have 1Gb RAM,
    I’d appreciate any comment and idea as to the right way to solve my problem!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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