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WIN 7 to WIN10 Upgrade. Is it possible from WSUS 3.2 / SBS 2011?

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    (My first Post!)
    I was wondering if its possible to instigate an upgrade of SBS 2011 clients from Windows 7 to Win 10 via WSUS 3 (SP2) ?

    I have read quite a few TechNet’s (eg and other sites and understand that whilst it should be possible for the WSUS 3 to manage/deliver future Security updates for WIN 10 clients, it wont be able to manage/deliver future WIN 10 feature upgrades….. for that I gather I will need to work Windows Update for Businessinto the environment via the SBS GPO’s.

    However, what I haven’t been able to confirm is if its possible for the SBS 2011 / WSUS 3 to manage/deliver the initial W7 -> W10 upgrade and I was hoping to hear from somebody who had actually done it. So far I have found and switched on “UPGRADES” classification in my WSUS 3 and forced WSUS Sync. This turned up two versions of Win 7 -> Win 10 upgrades (Some of my clients have Win 7 Retail, some have Win 7 Volume and there are separate upgrade packs for each).

    So it all looked promising, however the actual WSUS 3 download of the packages (approx. 5.6GB each) keeps failing, stating a certificate error. I see that such errors seem to be common in blogs etc, however all the fixes seem to be for WSUS 4 only.

    So, hoping to determine if WSUS 3 can definitely do the job in which case I will press on and try and fix the problem, or if I can confirm WSUS 3 definitely cant do the job I’ve still got time to do all 45 clients manually (before 29th July), although this will kill my internet connection.

    Thanking in advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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