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    hi all, i have tried the search function but couldn’t find anything on here.

    i am a bit confused, i have tried installing win 7 (business pro and ultimate) onto a couple of machines, one an acer desktop and the other a rm laptop and I get the same thing each time.

    When the install reboots and says its starting services it just sits there and does nothing, the hard drive flashes now and again but i left the acer overnight and nothing.

    I was worried i had messed up my usb i use to install, but last night I had used the x32 / 64 ultimate cd on the acer and nothing.

    i have tried googling for the issue, but one of the few ideas is to boot into safe mode, well on the rm box that didn’t work.

    these are vanilla install files, no sp’s at all.

    any ideas would be great.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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