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    Just had my internet connection at home upgraded to 40+Mbps and had a new Wireless N router at the same time to replace my old 54G one.

    My laptop has a card which is A/G/N and my router is setup for N.

    However, in Windows 7 on my laptop I only seem to be connecting at 54G.

    The status of the connection says the Radio Type is 802..11n, but when I look at the speed of the connection it says 54 Mbps.

    Not sure then why I am only getting 54.

    Finally I checked the adapter settings – it is an Intel WiFi Link 4965AGN (in a Dell Latitude notebook) – settings are:

    802.11n Channel Width for band 5.2 = Auto
    802.11n Mode = Enabled
    Ad Hoc Channel 802.11a = 36
    Ad Hoc Channel 802.11b/g = 1
    Ad Hoc Default Wireless Mode = 80211b/g (only other option is 802.11a)
    Ad Hoc Power Management = Disabled
    Ad Hoc QoS Mode = WMM Disabled
    Fat Channel Intolerant = Disabled
    Mixed Mode Protection = CTS-to-self Enabled (only other option is RTS/CTS Enabled)
    Roaming Aggressiveness = Medium
    Throughput Enhancement = Disabled
    Transmit Power = Highest
    Wireless Mode = 802.11a/b/g (there are other options for this but none with n)

    My wife’s laptop with an Intel WiFi AGN card also does exactly the same.

    I have updated the drivers with the latest available and no change.

    I am not using Intel’s software to manage the WiFi (I don’t have it installed), and instead I am allowing Windows 7 to manage the WiFi.

    Any advice much appreciated.

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