What sort of email policies do you enforce for storage? How do you enforce them?

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    I admin a relative small group on our exchange server. We have 50 users on our exchange 2003 server. Currently when backing up the exchange backup is 52 gigs. We have a 30 day retention on deleted items.

    When I noticed the information store began to grow, I started to take a look at what was causing the rapid growth. There was never a clear archiving policy in place a lot of people had been hording emails from the late 90s. We went through and archived off all items older than 1 year. These items are exported into a couple .psts per user. Now I know that exchange through its normal maintenance is suppose to reclaim the deleted items after the retention time as white space. We have not seen much reclaiming of this space over the past year. When I look in system manager and add up the mailbox total storage it comes up to 33 gigs.

    So here are my questions:

    Do I let the store stay bloated in size? My concern being it adds to backup and recovery time. If it is fine to leave it plump then I will for now. Would there be any harm to running a defrag on this?

    My other question revolves around storage limits. How do you guys handle enforcing storage limits. What have you found as a method that works and doesn’t send the users screaming that your policy is too restrictive?

    Thanks a lot guys

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