Well I broke my DNS. What now?

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    I set this test server up documenting all the settings and the process. I went and up the server to full 2003. Now when I’m trying to install symantec corporate server, is says I can’t connect to that pc.

    I ran netdiag /fix and it says my DNS is broken. I get these errors
    **** from netdiag
    Failed – Can not find a primary authorative dns server for the name test.ccctest.lan may not be registered.

    Utilities in the DNS management console say there is no server.

    I’m not sure why it broke. I didn’t change anything that I can think of EXCEPT upgrading the server role to full 2003.

    What should I do now? How do I remove the current DNS server and add a new or try to repair this one?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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