Weird RWW Issue.

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    When I connect RWW I can connect to my desktop and server no issues there. But I did notice something weird. Let me just give you some specifics first. My server connection has the ip of and my network connection on the server has the ip of My desktop has the ip of So here is what is happening when my desktop is off and i go to rww and try to connect to it, i am connected to my sbs server which logically shouldnt happen if my desktop is off i should get some sort of error. So I was thinking we maybe one of the nics on my server were being assigned the ip address that i reserved in dhcp for my desktop. So i go to the command line and do an ipconfig on the server and all ip address appear as they should. My next step is to ping the ip address of my desktop and i dont get a response which should happen since it is shutdown. Here is what gets me when i ping the IP’s of my server…the resolves correctly when i ping it resolves to the name of my desktop so this is why it connects me to the server when my desktop is shutdown. Im trying to figure out how this is happening any one have any ideas or experience this same issue?

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