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    Hi all,

    Here is my network topology. I have a website named for eg; http://www.company.com ( server 1 ). And I have some other sub website such as user.company.com and sale.company.com in (server 2).

    I can reach to http://www.company.com, and in this server I have two links going to server 2 for user.company.com and sale.company.com.
    The problem is I can’t reach to sub websites from server 1.
    I have created the Web site for user.company.com and sale.company.com in server 2 as well.

    NAT server is also working fine.
    all are running on windows server 2003 with IIS.

    So, I would to know what do I need to do in the server 2 to work with link from server 1.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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