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    Web site problems

    What do you think of this you can see below my site at http://www.sigord.co.uk has been close now for some 4 days due to the host, is this a record? Having paid for hosting in advance for 2 years last April there is not much I can doo about changing to anther host. I have no idea as the ID number of my site.


    service status
    Here you can see it there are any issues with the servers or if we have any planned maintenance on a server. If you are suffering issues
    with your site at present we may already know about it. If we do then we will add it here. Please note times are in UTC (UTS +0000)

    currently open Issue(s)
    Issue: Windows 2003 Servers
    Date time: 2014-11-17 14:15:53
    Engineers have identified a new vulnerability within our Windows 2003 shared hosting webservers. Due to the nature of this vulnerability we have taken the decision to patch these servers and take mitigating action as soon as possible. We are Sony for the inconvenience this will cause but, as a responsible web hosting provider, the security of your data is integral to us. has completed and all websites are online. Websites on 213.171.218. 112/114/179 are still coming back online as content is copied across. But progress is slow at the moment. We will provide further update as we have more information.
    Startus: current.

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