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    I hope the explanation of this problem makes sense. I have a 2003 Server and Exchange 2003 installed. I want to get OWA working with SSL and I have created my own certificate on the machine and installed it using the instructions on this site. Unfortunately when I try to access any of the sites on the server it just says that the page cannot be displayed. If I turn off the setting on the default web site that says it requires SSL to be used then I can access the sites fine. I am not trying to access the sites from outside, this is actually on the server itself I get this problem. I am wondering whether I have done something wrong when creating the certificate – when I look at the certificate it says it was issued by ‘test.testdomain.co.uk’ (‘test’ being the machine name & ‘testdomain’ being the domain) and was issued to ‘test.testdomain.co.uk. I then try to access the site by entering [url]https://test/certsrv[/url] (for example) and it fails. I have tried a few differnt thinsg to fix this but have had no luck so was hoping someone could help.


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