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    At Work we have a website that one of our depts uses to order certain products from time to time. However we’re having a problem, that has been nagging us for about a month now, the users can get to the main domain page, however when they navigate through the site, (non secure areas) The web browser just cannot connect to the site. This problem only appears to be happening on our internal LAN, we have been 100% successful in reaching and navigating the site off of our network. Example being: my manager attempted to reach a certain part on the page on the LAN, and it failed; and then attempted to reach the SAME EXACT PAGE on a computer off of our network, and it worked fine. I want to say it’s something in our LAN, probably a router or something. Could someone point me in the direction of where to troubleshoot. I have tried to ping and tracert all the websites, and the tracert appears to be dropping somewhere before it hits the WAN and goes to the internet, so I’m almost partial to say it’s on our LAN, Any help is appreciated, if more information is needed just say so. Thanks in advanced.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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