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    I have a an external HD (SimpleTech SimpleDrive STI-USB235 160 GB). A techy told me that ext HD’s are not meant to be ON all the time–just for doing backups (???)…..I use mine for all my personal data and many of my programs (I have a small, old system), so I have it on all the time my computer is running (morning to late at night) and work on it a lot. Should I not be doing this?? It has been in steady use like this for four years with no problem that couldn’t be fixed with a simple reboot occasionally. Recently I replaced the adaptor cable because the HD was konking out on me, but since I did, it seems to be fine. Am I working it too much? Should it not be in constant use? I have a second HD which is a backup of it.


    XP Professional Service Pack2
    Pentium III 866mhz 256 Mb SDRAM 20 GB

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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