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    Hi all,
    been reading some similar threads about sysprep’ing.
    I am awaiting delivery of 20 Dell Vostro desktops that come complete with Win 7 Pro x64 and MS Office 2010 H&B.
    Now, i have a few other applications that need installing on each pc. I don’t want to have to go to each one and install it, cos it’s a ball-ache to do so.
    We’re on a 2008 R2 domain, and i’ve absolutely no clue about WDS, although i’m feverishly reading up on it.
    I’ve also never sysprepped a pc either, but am willing to try, although there seems to be a lot to do and is often fraught with problems, and i may not have the resources to learn AND troubleshoot at the same time.
    Each pc would obviously need to be renamed regardless of how the deployment plan is implemented.

    So….i was wondering can the server deploy software other than MS products?

    Basically, i need to deploy:

    1. Acrobat Reader / or full Acrobat
    2. Autodesk Design Review 2012
    3. YouSendIt
    4. ABBBY Pdf Convertor

    If so, please advise on the best method of doing so.
    I’m keen to learn more, but as i’m the only I.T. supoprt dude in our company, i can’t afford to stretch myself too far as i’m alwasy busy anyway.
    None of the new pc users will have domain or local admin rights, so they can’t do the installs themselves (plus they’re dumb and i wouldn’t want them to).

    I use Spiceworks 5.1 to audit the system currently (not sure if that makes any difference)

    Sorry for sounding noobish (even though i’m an I.T. admin).
    All advice greatly appreicated. :)

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