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    I am in desparate need of help with WDS, running in Mixed Mode on Server 2003, R2, SP2. The RIS legacy images deploy same as before the upgrade to WDS, but all attempts to get my head around WDS and WIM images is failing miserably. I have downloaded, read and followed M-Soft’s white paper (all 14 Ch!) for setting up and using WDS, but no joy. Since the legacy RIS RISetup images work on my older client PCs, I’m going to concentrate this on the WDS-WIM side of things.

    My first attempt has been to capture/customize/deploy an XP Pro SP3 image from/to Dell Optiplex 755 ultra-small-form-factor PCs. I used the boot.wim file from the Dell Vista Business DVD to verify I could use as a boot image to the Dell (no driver manipulation!!), then created a Capture image from that. I installed XP Pro SP3 using an MVL iso CD to the clean client, and all Dell drivers, then used sysprep to reseal the image. Used the Capture boot WIM to upload the client image to the server, and then added the image to a new group in WDS thru the MMC, where image showed as active. Rebooted the client to the Boot image, selected language, then entered credentials for network deployment. The next screen should show any/all available images available, but it says there are none!!

    My coworker & I have spent over a week with this, but every suggestion we could discover on the Web hasn’t helped. All this time has been spent on our ‘Development’ system, which is a couple of hi-end Dell servers running VMWare’s ESXi as a base OS, with the Live system duplicated as Virtual Machines. All domain authentication, DNS lookup, SQL activity, etc., is behaving identical to the Live system. But, in an attempt to eliminate the Virtual environment as a variable, I copied the captured image to the Live system, but the same ‘no images available’ error repeated.

    Tracing is running on the development server, but the only thing we can find is an error about ‘Cannot Enumerate Images’ (!!) But, we’ve had no luck finding a cause for the error.

    Any/all suggestions appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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