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    Want to set up router.

    I have a static IP address ( Is it possible just with the help of static IP address to join a router in an existing network or no?:?:
    (This on my Belkin wireless G adapter)

    I don’t have modem information like user name, password. Just I have static IP and existing dns server address and in “dns suffix search list”, I can see 2 different dns address, in that one is my own dns server address and other one is main dns server address. Is it possible to add a router in an existing network? Trying to add one more router i.e. “Linksys wireless N Broadband Router”?

    Is it possible?

    DNS Servers: (2 DNS servers IP address)

    “DHCP Server” and “Default Gateway” IP address I can see just one.

    abc.msft is my dns server and the other dns server is “sweethome.west.com”

    I was thinking like I will make as interface Serial and for interface Ethernet assign some other IP address and make it as NAT or whatever……. Is it possible to do this:?::?::?:

    Please help me with this!!!:!:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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