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Want to change current user to an admin, Windows 2000

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    This seems like it’s way more complicated than it should be, but the long and short of it is my dad gave me his old work laptop (Windows 2000 Professional), and how he logs on (I guess he’s not very computer-savvy either) is with just a regular user not with an administrator. And I’d, of course, like to have administrator capabilities on here so I can do such essential things as download AIM.

    I looked at the local users and groups and it lists three users – one named “admin” that claims to be a built-in administrator for use by my dad but actually just belongs to the “users” group, one named “guest” that’s disabled, and one named “ranger” that is an actual built-in administrator. However, how my dad (and now I) logs on is with a user with his name and it’s with a network run by his work (you know, when you log on, you have the three options, name, password, and network). I can’t seem to find a list of users that’s from the network so even if I could log in as the local administrator, I don’t think I could find where I could change this user to an administrator. Not that I can log in as the local administrator because my dad doesn’t know the password for it, and the CD drive on here doesn’t have burning capabilities and there isn’t a floppy drive.

    However, I did figure out that this computer is on the same network as our home computer (or at least connected to it so that I can print from its printer and view its shared folders). So, after probably far too much information, my question here is: is it possible to log on to my home computer (where I do have administrative capabilities) and somehow change the account on this computer to an administrator?

    Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me (or even anyone who took the time to read through all this).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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