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    Guys I need some help setting up a wallpaper GPO

    In a nutshell what’s the best way of doing this?

    I want to apply this to all Desktop PC’s & Laptops. The laptops are often remote so I thought about doing a script which copies the wallpaper locally when they log on (maybe in the Startup bit of the GPO), then set the wallpaper path to read locally.

    We currently have wallpaper configured on our Citrix environment & I noticed that the wallpaper reads from a UNC path. After the research I did apparently this is bad as it will be hammering the network as the file will be open by 200 different users.

    The main question I had really was about the loopback GPO. If I use loopback to apply wallpaper settings to the computer & not the user, how does it work exactly.

    Do I have to enable loopback in the same GPO as the wallpaper settings, or If I had a separate GPO called loopback attached to the same OU as the one with the wallpaper is in, would this do a loop back on all the GPO’s on the OU?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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