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    Hey guys,

    ive been looking at how w32time is behaving, and noticed that it is acquiring the time on my PDC (2k3 server) from my old windows 2000 server. Both of these show the 2k3 DC as the PDC. The 2k3 server has its AnnounceFlag set to 10 (decimal, A in hex…i wasnt dumb and put 10 in hex). Ive tried setting the LocalNTP and ReliableTimeSource registry flags to 0 on the 2000 server, but then the 2k3 server just whined that it couldnt find a reliable time source when I resync’d.

    Since the announceflag on the 2k3 PDC is set to A, it should be automatically deciding it is the authoritative time server, right?

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