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W2K3 server – Hosts file not resolving

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    We have a new server – complete clean installation – which doesn’t see it’s entries in the hosts file any more.

    Whatever I put in it, the server doesn’t resolve it.

    We’ve tried copy & save a new hosts file, delete original / rename etc – everything , but nothing works……………….

    We have checked for spyware etc but none exists, it isn’t even on the web yet – only the domain :(

    Has anyone had this problem before or knows what I can do about it ?

    This is the first we’ve had like this – same image as the others, same SIF files (yes we changed the server name in sif file) all the other 18 are ok :(

    It’s a W2K3 server with ISA Server 2004

    thanks in advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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