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W2k3 SBS to W2k8 R2 migration

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    May I ask You for help. I need to upgrade hardware and install W2k8 R2. At this moment I have DC on W2k3 SBS. If there are any problems during the migration from 2k3 SBS to 2008?
    I saw many movies “how to”. But 99% movies is about migration from w2k3 (not SBS) to 2008 R2.
    As I know I cannot restore system state on W2k8 ,so i need to add new DC to existing domain and move roles to the new server. Am I wrong????

    Last question, if i want to stay wint w2k3 and move to the same hardware but different hard drivers (bigger hdd) and restore from system state . Is it possible??


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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