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    Hello Everyone,

    We have around 15-20 servers all are windows server 2003 having issues with backup. Issues are
    – VSS writers takes alot of time to get listed
    – VSS snapshot fails while taking backup
    – Sometimes VSS services gets hung in a “Starting” state, not able to restart or stop the service in that case.
    – Sometimes it runs and stops in the middle of the backup

    Its been a month and these problems keeps occuring on most of the servers.

    We tried registering a set of assemblies and restarted the services. We tried rebooting the servers as well. Still the problem does not seems to resolve.

    Backup team uses symantec netbackup 7.5 to backup.
    The servers are not patched since long time as it an old environment.
    I would request your suggestions to resolve the issues asap as there are many DC’s whose backup has not been successful, if they fail it will be a big headache for us.

    Would request if anyone has list of hotfixes that would vss issue or a document like that.

    Thanks in Advance.

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