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    Hi All,

    VSS on our SBS 2003 RC2 suddently stopped working a little while back. Windows could not list any writers or providers.

    Since then I have tried repairing VSS. I followed the following steps to re-register the Volume Shadow Copy service DLL’s.
    CD to WindowsSystem32
    Net stop vss

    Net stop swprv

    regsvr32 ole32.dll

    regsvr32 vss_ps.dll

    Vssvc /Register

    regsvr32 /i swprv.dll

    regsvr32 /i eventcls.dll

    regsvr32 es.dll

    regsvr32 stdprov.dll

    regsvr32 vssui.dll

    regsvr32 msxml.dll

    regsvr32 msxml3.dll

    regsvr32 msxml4.dll

    Reboot your server.

    After reboot, open a command prompt and run:
    vssadmin list writers

    After this the writers and providers could be listed (all without errors).

    However, I when I try to do a system state backup, the error I get now is

    “Error returned while creating the volume shadow copy:0x8004230c.

    Error returned while creating the volume shadow copy:8004230c
    Aborting Backup.”

    In the Event log, I get a bunch of errors

    Event ID 11 : “Volume Shadow Copy Service information: The COM Server with CLSID {e4eb5095-f587-4159-a1d8-2710692fd243} and name SW_PROV cannot be started. [0x80070424]”

    Event ID 12292 : “Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Error creating the Shadow Copy Provider COM class with CLSID {e4eb5095-f587-4159-a1d8-2710692fd243} [0x80070424].”

    Would really appreciate it if someone can give me some ideas..


    I am trying to do a VSS

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