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    Hello! As mentioned in the welcome thread, I’m trying to run Windows Server 2003 (Enterprise Edition) in a standalone-ish environment at home. It’s a Dell PowerEdge 1650 (two 1.1Ghz processors, 3GB RAM), sitting behind your typical DSL gateway, and I want to configure it for a simple public website while providing a VPN for developers to access private services.

    I’ve done a lot of end-user and personal tech-support in the past, so I’m no stranger to registry tweaks and your average Windows config/troubleshooting, but new to server configuration and management. Hence, the home server. I’m ashamed to say I’ve picked up “Windows Server 2003 For Dummies” :oops:, but it’s been very helpful explaining beyond my basic understanding of how Active Directory and other such gibber-jabber works. I also purchased “Learning Windows Server 2003” by O’Reilly once I need to get serious. Heap scorn on me if you like! :razz:

    So the reason I’m creating this thread is to be pointed in the right direction for what I want to achieve. A lot of what I’m learning/reading about is setting up Server 2003 for a big network, which is something I don’t need/want to use yet. Mainly I just want:

    -AD account for admin with actual Remote Desktop access, etc
    -AD accounts for developers that have access to a private VPN – so I can have authenticated users access services like a SVN service or etc, without allowing them to actually log into the machine.
    -Apache running on both networks, so I can expose some website to be port-forwarded, while other Virtual Hosts only respond to the VPN’d users.
    -Other machines are sitting on my home gateway network; I don’t want developers who are in the server VPN to have access to those! Just a subset of the server’s stuff.

    Does any of that make sense? I obviously have a lot of reading/learning ahead of me, but I’m hoping you guys could give me some general tips. I’ve been hitting Google a bit, and this seems to be the place to be! :razz:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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