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    Hey guys,

    We have a western Canada office, which use a DIR-615 with an ADSL line. They are 4 in the office, using microsoft exchange, internet, and two of them use a VPN connection (and one of these use the ERP whiting the VPN).

    the VPN crash, remote gateway stop pinging, etc… Last 2 weeks, it was working perfectly. I can confirm that it is not the remote site that has an issue, as our East office has an IPSec all day long working, no issue, and Managers use always VPN and it never disconnect. (3 ADSL line + Cyberoam firewall)

    I was thinking that the DIR-615 isn’t able to handle so much traffic but like I said, last 2 weeks, they were all there and it was working fine.

    Any idea?

    Thanks :beer:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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