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    please find the network setup of my company

    ISP modem –
    ordinary 24 port switch
    2003 Domain Controller – – ( domain name is abc.local )
    12 XP workstations connected t0 switch(under the domain) – –
    2 server 2008 workstations(not a domain controller).
    these are still connected to abc.local . Ip addresses are –
    All the PCs have only one network adapter and static IP . Not assigned by DHCP

    Clients are in a completely different country and different network
    Till now not connected even thro Internet.

    clients in a different country wants access to one of the 2008 servers thro VPN
    Can we use the Routing and Remote access/VPN functionality present in Server 2008 to establish connection ?

    Dont want to use any kind of Remote desktop sharing utility
    I have also tried Logmein and Teamviewer products. They are not an option for me now
    any help would be greately appreciated.

    We have a static IP address got from the ISP at our disposal.

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