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    I had this customer sey up in 2007 with a site-to-site VPN thal allowed them to get their e-mail from a remote SBS 2003 server and to also browse a few shares on the SBS server. When they browsed the seerver they would get asked ofr the userame/password I set up for their SBS 2003 account. I set up their e-mail using RPC over HTTPS and I do not recall if they were asked for a passsword to connect to the Exchnage server, but everything workd.

    Employees and managers discovered that ip you use the PPTP VPN connection from the computer/laptop too the SBS server, the browsing and file transfer was much faster. Now they seem to got into trouble becase only 5 users seem to be able to connect to the remote site where the SBS server is. I have the RRAS configured for 10PPTP WAN connection.

    Many of the notebook users use wireless. There is a Motorola access point in the showroom and I am wodering if this is where the bottleneck is because the Access Point will not allow more that three VPN connections. Then I thought maybe it was the ISP not allowing more than five VPN tunnels to the same location.

    If there is already a site-to-site VPN in plage (FortiGate routers), the PPTP VP tunnnels would have to be using the Internet as the gateway and this is why I though the ISP might not allow more that five VPN connections.

    Any suggestions? Is a mess I would rather not be involved with but I am obligated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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