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    I have created a VPN connection on a 2003 server with basic VPN client on XP Pro. The thing I don’t understand is why it is so unbelievably slow. I remember using a VPN a couple of years ago and not having near the slowdown.
    The server side is running DHCP, DNS, File Server, IIS for page that is used like .01% of the time and now VPN. The CPU utilization is typically low. It isn’t that the server is every pounding away.
    I have the server gateway at and DNS/VPN set to I have a dual NIC in the server but have one NIC disabled. The other tech had both going but they were on the same subnet with one on and the other on I thought they should be on seperate subnets completely like and (example).

    I can log in from the client using his Verizon wireless card which is typicall getting about 600Kbps down and 300Kbps up according to speakeasy. It could be less but it isn’t bad. When logged onto the VPN I can simply copy a pretty good size file from a network folder to a local folder in decent time. An example would be a 7MB file was copied over in around 4 minutes. To me this isn’t horrible and about on par with our FTP download speed from the same laptops/cards out in the field. The problem comes when opening a file. If I open say an excel spreadsheet it may take several minutes to open a 1.5MB spreadsheet. Then saving it is excrutiatingly slow. We do civil engineering with Land Desktop (autocad). The files are usual several MB. If I were to try to save one of those (if I had the time to actually wait on opening it) then it would take 10 minutes or lock up. Is there a way to increase the speed to make this tolerable? I did add the gateway to the etc/hosts file on the vpn connection tcp/ip settings on the client as well as setting the DNS settings to look to the DNS server on the 2003 server (
    Also, will it help to activate the other NIC and if so then what would be the best way to configure it. ANY help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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