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    Hi there,

    Odd one that I haven’t seen before. We have recently set up a VPN connection for a client on their SBS 2003 server and it works.

    One user has some software installed on their PC and configured to their account. When they are in the office they use it. When they are out of the office, someone else uses that PC and they connect in via the VPN.

    What happens however is that only one can work at a time. If the PC is logged in, the moment the VPN connects up then the PC can no longer talk to the server.

    If the VPN is connected up first then logging in the PC will cause the VPN to lose connectivity.

    I’ve not seen this kind of behaviour before as things aren’t normally limited to single connections. Is anyone aware of a particular setting that may affect this?

    Note: We are using the built in SBS VPN. I am aware that we can give the user a separate account just for the VPN but that doesn’t really fix the cause of the problem.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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