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    I need some help, been thrown in at the deepend here

    I have a cisco router at a remote site with a number of vlans and then a fortinet 100d firewall/router at the other

    I have the vpn tunnel up between the two sites and I can pass traffic to the virtual gateways for example

    Site 1 (gateway)

    Site 2 (gateway)

    So I am able to ping the gateways at each site but nothing else

    Why is this? I note the other devices are on switches and not connected directly to either of the routers.

    Would it be fair to say I need to add the remote ip range to the switches? As i am assuming the switches dont know how to route the inbound traffic

    Does that sound correct?

    Thank you for reading and your assistance


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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