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    Hi there.
    im using SBS2000 ( my network is after ISa2000 ).
    my question is :
    my boss wanted to be able to log into his computer from anywere anytime…
    thats mean he need to connect to my server using VPN and the loginto his computer using RDP.
    if it was just in his home i would go there and creat the VPN in his computer network connection, but since he want to be able to do it from anywere, I Need to creat the VPN connection and configure it and then paste it to a floppy or his USBDisk for him to carry around ?
    is there a way to do it ?
    Is there another way to do creat that link? i googled for it and found nothing… :(
    one for sure i couldnt teach him how to creat a VPN connection everytime, i want him to be able to click once for VPN and click once for RDP…
    any help would be VERY welcome…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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