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    OK the basic idea is very simple…

    One ProLiant server with 8 GB of RAM and dual Xenon 5160 Dual core processors.
    4 disks, Raid 5.

    Windows server 2003 x64.

    OK, now the “problem”.

    I want to use win2003 x64 as a host for 2 vmware workstations with win 2003 x86. On one win2003 server there will be active directory and SQL 2005 server on second vmware win 2003 would be exchange 2003 server.

    Company has 25-30 mailboxes and 5 AD users…

    Why vmware? Because you can make backup of ALL your data, AD, exchange etc… in one hour.

    Ive done some tests…

    Installed vmware workstation on windows 2003 32-bit with 6 GB of ram
    (proliant DL380 G5)…

    So on vmware it was one server 2003 with AD, SQL 2005 and exchange server 2003.
    Performance was preety cool, backing up went smoothly disaster recovery took me to resolve less than 15 minutes…

    Now the question.

    I think that this is too good to be true. Is it possible that Im mistaken and that Im doing a great mistake running production on VmWare Workstation?
    Test enviroment was stable for 2 months now and now I
    m serious thinking that I will virtualize my production servers as test enviroment passed my expectations…

    Please share with me, what do you think about this.

    Thank you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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