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    System Setup:
    Multiple 4.0 ESX Server
    VCenter (VSphere)
    GhettoVCB installed on all Consoles and working to a NFS Drive.

    My machine is a Windows XP Pro with UNIX for Windows v3.5

    I recently installed GhettoVCB have it backing up my VMs to my NFS share. I can see the share from Windows and can see all the files.

    All of the files are accessable except the main file *.vmdk.

    When I open properties for the file it shows ‘File Attributes’ set as:
    Owner R & W, all others no access
    Owner ID: 99, Group ID: 100

    My goal is to have the backup system run each night and have a windows script (from my machine) compress the file for archiving and perhaps backup offsite.

    My thoughts are two possiblities:
    1) change the permissions from the console in the ESX server
    2) Setup windows to think I am UID 99, GID 100

    I would prefer #2, but cannot locate any information on how I can do this.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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