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    Hai for all. I am new to this forum. Any thing wrong done plz bare and guide. I have i3 machine with 2 instance of VMware with xp as operating system. I extend monitor and use 3 users seperatly. The problem is, I am using a hub with 2 mouse and 2 USB keyboard. Every time I have to assign keyboard plus mouse manually. Automatically connect USB doest work. Every time VM boot it says a USB device attached previously was missing.I also tried setting device Id and hardware Id in auto connect USB in .vmx but that too doesn’t work. Where I am doing wrong. I want to assign keyboard and mouse and every time VMware to use the same without manually adding. Can USB mouse and keyboard can be added in .vmx as auto connect? Or USB drive only? Plz guide me..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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