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    I’m just starting some project planning for new servers. We currently have HP blades with an HP fibre SAN and we are migrating to new hardware.

    Option 1:
    Buy 3-4 servers, run VMware and VM’s on individual servers for all resources (no NAS/SAN)

    Option 2:
    Buy 3-4 servers (maybe less) buy NAS/SAN and run VM’s from storage device using the servers to host the hypervisor only

    Two questions

    1. Do you foresee any issues with the above option 1 vs 2?
    2. Looking for a cost for an entry level NAS/SAN compatible with VMware.

    Money is an issue with this one but I do not want to recommend option one only to find out it fails. I know there are no specific details here, looking for general advice.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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