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    I have used and using VMWARE server etc but I have never setup one from the scratch?

    I have bought a second hand server with licence windoes server 2003 key.

    Its meets all the specs requiremet for ESX or ESXi

    to setup download ESXi from vmware install it on the server and use my 2003 server key as the guest inside that.

    and to manage I need to use VMI client . what other licenceing i need to buy to run just one 2003 server on this setup? i will be buying more guest licence but that’s later.

    so far i need/ have

    Copy of VMWARE ESXi — free

    Licence copy of 03 server —- paid
    VMI client


    As far as VMWARE is consern any other licence i need to buy?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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