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    Howdy fellas! new poster here. got an issue we cant seem to run down. i’m a cisco network engineering student and we are running live labs from racks. (switches, routers etc) our lab room is set up with pc’s which have 3 nics on each. unfortunatly everything is locked down on the pc’s .. last quarter we were able to disconnect each pc from the schools network and plug them into the components on the racks and set the vmnet to custom vmnet0 and set our ip addresses gateway and mask but now for some reason its not working. it recognizes the pc’s but we cannot ping across. we disconnect the vmware pc’s and substitute them with laptops and we can ping fine. so…my question is is there somthing in vmware that will allow us to assign a specific nic or show what nics are assigned to the vmnet ports? or are we stuck with the schools It dept’s timeline. we got 1 week to get these labs done. any info on where to look would be great. ty in advance. AL

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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