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    Hi Guys,

    I am wondering if anyone can guide me on the next steps to carry out after setting up the VMware Hypervisor. I have gone through and installed it on a spare dell PC and my goal is to be able to run a windws 2000 Guest on it. Is this possible? I have created the guest virtual machine on the Hypervisor 5.5 server and want to know how can i boot directly into the guest OS when the PC is turned on bypassing the server settings.

    I am now thinking that I have gone off on a tangent and this is not even possible.

    IF so can I run the guest on a seperate PC. I have another identical DEll Optiplex 980 PC lying around that I can use to run the guest on.

    Basically I have come down this path from my current needs, as follows.

    I have a windows 2000 application that I need to run. It only runs in windows 2000 and is used in my company in production. We rely on it everyday to do a critical role. It communciates with other PC’s on the server and sends information to them.

    The PC it is currently running on is very old and I feal the hardware is going to die very soon as a few of our other PCs have. However we have been able to upgrade those PCs to windows 7 as they didn’t require this application.

    Getting the application re coded to be compatible with windows xp or 7 is too costly and will take over a year to commision.

    If I cant use hypervisor to run and host the win2k software could someone please recommend what my other options are.

    I need to be able to turn on the PC and get straight into the OS like a native windows 2k PC would. It needs to be able to communicate on the network. Those are really the main requirements.

    Would I be able to use VMware workstation and somehow boot into the OS using it?

    Sorry for the dumb questions. I am an engineering student with minimal experience in this field.

    Any Help Would be much appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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