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    I have been reading and studying about the different ways to configure VMM 2012 R2 Hyper-v networking. I have searched and searched, but cannot seem to find a clear answer.


    Physical Network – (One Company, no tenants, isolation not required) Single fully routable network with multi vlans at each physical site.

    Do I create a Logical Network for each VLAN? (Doesn’t seem right)

    I am guessing I create a single Logical Network with sites and each site I add it particular available VLANs. (Currently what I am doing) With a single VM Network.

    However, when creating VM from Templates, I cannot choose the required VLAN, which breaks the process of auto joining the domain.

    How can I make sure the VM is connected to the right VLAN without having to change the VLAN after the VM is created?

    Do I create a VM Network for each VLAN? This might make more sense, but I cannot 100% verify if this is the correct way.

    Everything I read says if you have a single network, just choose the “One connected network” and a single VM Network, but I run into the VM creation problem (picking the VLAN).

    I can choose VLAN-based independent networks, but I do not require Isolation.

    Can someone please help sort this out?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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