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    ** Attachments of discussed below attached **

    I have a VM Exchange 2010 server in which has 5 disks the edit VM shows all 5 disks as 400GB iSCSI – 3 but the disk is showing only 25GB free and i need to free up space.

    So looking at moving the VM and its disks to another datastore but the disks are 80GB, 500GB, 500GB, 500GB and 500GB which obviously is more than the physical disk it is on somehow.

    The summary for the VM shows 5 other disks so dont understand why the edit section shows them as the same!

    when i go to the datastore i can see there is 8 .vmdk files.

    I was looking to move the root folder to another datastore but dont know if the disks vmdk files within are the disks and will move and work fine no links broken or not.

    Just looking for some advise as i dont see why i have 8 vmdk files in the data store when only 5 disks and the edit shows the same disk but the summary section shows 5 all being different disks.

    Any advise would be appericated on both the explanation of the disks and also the best way to move to avoid it becoming full as it failed the other day the VM crashed as only had 2MB free so i deleted the snapshot to then free up some space but this space is soon filling up with it being exchange.

    Thanks in advance guys…


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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