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VLAN’s on Aironet 1241

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    I need a little help with configuration, here is my setup.
    – Catalyst 4006 with 3 VLAN’s
    VLAN1: (Corp)
    VLAN2: (IT)

    – I installed Airnet 1241 AP and with a straight through cable connected it to a VLAN1 port.
    – Created 3 VLAN’s on the AP with 3 SSID’s. VLAN’s match the VLAN’s on the Catalyst 4006 switch.
    VLAN1: SSID(cbo)
    VLAN2: SSID(it)
    VLAN3: SSID(visitors)

    – Now here are my issues:
    1- I configured WPA II Enterprise on the first two SSID’s but I can only connect to them with a Cisco Card, having trouble connecting to them with other third party client adapters.

    2- I want the visitors to be able to connect without any trouble.

    3- When I connect to the first SSID which is on VLAN1 with the cisco card I can get the IP and I can go out on the network but I can’t get the IP when I connect to 2nd or 3rd SSID.

    4- I did use the ip helper command in each VLAN for the dhcp server.

    I am assuming problem is with the way I have the AP connected to the Catalyst 4006 switch. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. As it is critical for me to get this up and running at work.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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