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    hi all

    i have some questions about configuring vlan.

    i have an existing environment. no vlan is set.

    can i configure vlan for a special purpose,
    while the main network still work without vlan config for it?
    then can i route between those two networks?

    if i have i 2 switches with 2 vlan config on them
    can i use only one cable to connect those 2 swithces?
    or should i have a cable per vlan?
    (i am not intend to use a backbone config)

    my confusion is,
    in each switch there should be a trunk setting
    but those this setting, which is configure on the port
    should be also connected? using a cable?

    if so, then i am confused
    since, if i need to use a different cables,
    then it not so far from using a different segments


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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