Vista RTM 6000 BSOD

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    Ok, just a note to see if anyone besides me is having this problem.

    My System is a ABIT KV8 Pro 754 /W AMD 3000+
    2 Gig Corsair Ram DDR 400 Retail
    ATI X1600 AGP 512MB Ram
    2 WD Raptor 74 GIG Raid 0 10,000 RPM SATA
    Asus DVD Rom /w 2MB Ram ATA 100 (Master)
    Plextor 716 DVD-CDRW 8MB Ram ATA 66 (Slave)
    IDE 2 OFF

    MOBO is @ Defaults settings, When Installing my Vista on this System. It Just goes as far as Testing your System, and Bingo BSOD!
    It will even do this on a Single IDE HD ATA 100 WD.

    Now my Test System I have this setup on was a AMD 2500+ /W EPOX KT880
    1 Gig Ram @ DDR400. And it never did a BSOD, Not on the IDE Drive or the SATA Drive. Any Ideas? The Old Man Here is Stumped ! thanks

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