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    Greetings fellow nerds!

    Im an old NT4.0 guy and have now been thrust into the Sever 2003/Vista world with a new job at the college I also teach at. I have been out of the network environment for 4 years now and am quite rusty.

    We have several unique situations we have been unable to solve…

    1. Printer install via GPO or script?

      We are trying to give our new deployment of vista student pcs access to a printer in the domain, without installing individually. Several posts on other sites say I will not be able to do it with a script, but I must use a new tool from Microsoft? I cant remember name of tool. Has anyone here done this yet? If so, how?

    2. VM lockdown through GPO and mapped drive to network directory containing student data files.

      We have deployed 20 VMs with XP Pro and several specialty apps for students to access remotely using RDC. We need to lockdown these VMs so that students cannot save to the VM desktop or HDD. We do still need to give the students access to their Home/client HDD and USB Flash drives any thoughts or suggestions?

      We also need to give these VM users access to the student data files via a mapped network drive or folder on the desktop, but we have been unsuccessful.

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