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    Hi all, I am new to this forum and found it after looking for help with my new Vista system. I have purchased a brand new built PC with Vista home premium newly installed and I am having a serious problem :( .

    Its a;
    Pentium D 64 bit dual core processor 3.4mhz,
    775 pin 1066mhz mother board,
    2gb ddr memory,
    ATI 256mb graphics card,
    250gb sata hard disk.

    I have had the usual driver problems (Vista not accepting HP driver for printer etc) but my problem is that the system completely freezes at random :confused: , without being able to CTRL/ALT/DEL. It can happen seconds after boot-up, or hours after, regardless of what I’m running. I can however guarantee that it will freeze as soon as I run Colin McRea 4 (after you have selected your car etc and go to “race” it just stops), but this is the only game I have installed and the system was freezig before I installed the game anyway.

    The only thing I can do is hit the re-set button and re-boot.

    Lots of threads on Microsofts Vista Community, and I have tried all the advice (pulling all USB devices, lan/modem, un-checking HD index caching, diabling all the power options, etc.) but I still have the freezing problem.

    I haven’t installed much of anything on my PC so am pretty condfident it isn’s something I have done and that it is Vista causing the problem:evil: . The only thing I haven’t tried is changing my BIOS settings but I’m not sure what I’m doing on that so haven’t meddled (yet!).

    Can anyone help??

    Thanks in advance, Paul.

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