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    Hello everyone,

    I need help with very similar issue poseted before. I have tried CristianDan’s solution but it doesn’t work because I have a S-ATA drive installed instead of IDE.

    Problem: Boot vista from dvd….loading files….instalation…complete instalation (30%)…first reboot, after this in attempt to complete installation (~70%) mouse and system are frozen. (yes, same problem as CristianDan’s but I have S-ATA drive instead of IDE)

    My System Specs:

    MSI 975X Platinum Edition Power Up Edition
    Intel 945 3.4G Pentium D processor
    Western Digital 160 Gig S-ATA HDD
    2 Gigs of Memory
    EVGA 7600 GT Video Card
    LiteOn DVD/RW Combo

    S-ATA drive is connected to one of the 4 purple color S-ATA ports. XP home edition installed perfectly several times on it.

    Please help out with any solutions, system hanging in the same spot. Seing CristianDan’s post brought some light to my problem, but still no solution.

    Thank you for reading and helping out

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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