Vista Install = BSOD

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    Ok, I need a little in put here. I have Beta tested Vista From the Dawn of Time.
    And have got my Final RTM Ver. to install. Now before we get started here lets say that this was all tested on and AMD Scoket A System.

    Sys Config. Epox KT880 AMD 2500+ CPU 1 GB Ram OCZ ATI 9800 Pro 128
    Western Digital And a SATA Hitchi 80 8 MB 7200 RPM Drive. the WD is a 80Gm 8MB IDE Drive. Frist used before there was SATA Drivers. that System Ran Vista Great No Problems at all. As that was my test system.

    Now Im trying to install my RTM Copy from MS, on to my standard Gamer and Work Station. But all I ever get once it hits the desk top and click to close off some boxs is nothing more then BSOD.

    System Config ABIT KV-8 Pro VIA 880 Chipset. 754 MOBO Bios Ver.24 Final
    2 WD Raptors 74 GB 10,000 RPM in RAID 0
    AMD 3000+ Cpu
    ATI 1600 AGP 512 MB Video Card
    X-FI Extream Music Sound Card
    Corsair RAM 2 GB DDR 3200C2 Retail.
    ASUS DVD 2MB Buffer (Master)
    Plextor DVD-RW 8Mb Buffer (Slave) On IDE 1 IDE 2 Disable.

    the install goes just fine, till I get to the desktop. And click once, BSOD.
    I have even gone as far as to Buying a Retail Copy of Preimum. And I still get the same thing. BSOD.
    And yes I’ve been over to MS and ran the compat test on this MOBO. And it says that it pass’s No Problem. And even did that when ATI had there Vista tester on line. I have even gone as far as Pulling all hardware and clearing BIOS Over night.
    With the Battery Removed. and jumper on clear.
    I’ve just come to the final concluseion that Vista Don’t like this MOBO, Or the MOBO Don’t like Vista. Any Ideas ??

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