Vista Install Blocked

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    Two aborted install attempts has this machine trapped. As of this writing, the drive shows the following after trying with the original Vista ultimate disk:

    Disk 0 partition 1 147.6GB 79.4 GB Primary
    Disk 0 unallocated 1.56GB 1.56GB Primary

    Unable to find a system volume that meets its criteria for installation
    Partition must have at least 7413MB freespace

    Failed to create new partition on unused space

    There are no options that allow the installation to continue. Have never seen this before. The option to go to command prompt leads to an :X drive… one cannot change directory to a c prompt. Cannot format drive

    I would at least want to get the windows.old file from the computer. What options remain for this circumstance? Is there a vista boot diskette that would help in this case. Guidance sought

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